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Quality Automotive Accessories - Guaranteed

DelonixRadar is your reputable source of quality aftermarket automotive accessories in Australia. We are a GST Registered Australian business since 2002. And since 2004, we have been offering drivers unbiased no BS information on the best brands and top range of mobile radar detectors, lidar detectors, laser jammers, Speed camera detectors and general Speeding fine information.

Since then, we have expanded our product range to offer other aftermarket automotive accessories such as high quality HID Xenon driving lights kits from Philips and Supervision.

We don't recommend just any brand of automotive accessories - we only offer the best quality at affordable prices.

Just click on an image below to learn more about radar, lighting and other automotive electronics:

DelonixRadar hand pick from the top range of radar laser products from manufacturers such as Laser Interceptor, Whistler, Beltronics, Escort Passport, Valentine 1 and Veil.

What’s more, DelonixRadar are one of the few online radar detection companies to participate at a Speed Measurement Labs (SML) 3-day radar ranging & laser test & review in Texas, USA. SML tests Beltronics radar detectors, Valentine One Radar, Cobra Radar, Escort radar detectors and Whistler radar detectors for performance and manufacture claims

More importantly, we also conduct our own product testing with our large arsenal of police radar & lidar guns, and test equipment - video filming the results and posting them to our YouTube channel. Not sure on which is the best radar detector for you? Take our Guided Tour to get unbiased expert advice on which model is best suited for your specific needs.

Window Tinting Australia
Undoubtedly, Delonix Radar is all about Auto accessories. Yes, we absolutely love everything about it. However, our clients here in Delonix Radar seem to be interested on Car Window Tinting as well. Although, we don’t offer the tinting service, we have hooked with a great company that can help you guys. We at Delonix are proud to present Window Tinting Sydney by Exclusive that offers best tint solutions.

Our HID Xenon kits are not to be confused with the cheap, poor quality kits you may find on eBay and other markets for under $100 for obvious reasons. If you read through many car forums you will hear how most of these cheap eBay kits fail in under 12 months leaving their owner with no option but to replace the lighting system with a better quality.

Our HID Xenon light kits offer up to 6 times the brightness of ordinary halogen headlights and ten times the globe life. And they come backed with a local warranty up to 2 years. Read our customer testimonials how our HID driving lights improve safety and light up your night.


100% satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with our 90-day “Change Your Mind” money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it to us within 90 days in an "as new" condition with all the original packaging for a refund. Click here to learn more about our return policy.

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10 Years of Fast and Reliable Online Service

We’ve be trading online since 2004. Ordering your new radar detector, HID flood lights, or GPS tracking from us is safe, fast and easy. And we offer the lowest fixed rate shipping. Click here to learn more about our shipping policy.

Get the Lowdown on Radars, Lasers and Speeding

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Want to know the inside scoop on the new "Poliscan" laser speed cameras?

If you are looking for info on the latest laser based speed cameras being used in WA, Victoria and other states to follow (including how many radar detectors fail to provide sufficient warning against these cameras, click on Poliscan speed cameras read how you need additional equipment for protection (hint: it requires rear sensors!)

Learn all about the different types of mobile police radar, speed laser and speed cameras used in your area, tips on how to beat speeding fines, as well as their accuracy, tolerances and how they make mistakes. Ask questions in our radar forum, or keep up to date with news stories on our speed camera blog. Learn all about the different speed cameras used throughout the world and also find local speed camera locations:

Get helpful tips on how to beat speeding fines, or challenge a speeding ticket, as well as camera accuracy, tolerances and how they make mistakes.

Read what the Government desperately doesn't want you to know when it comes to challenging thier blantant revenue raising system.

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