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Returns and Exchanges

  1. All postage costs are excluded from the refund. The customer pays for the return of goods back to Delonix Radar.

  2. Goods must be returned in an excellent condition. If the product has been opened Delonix Radar shall refund the retail price less the initial shipping costs to the customer and 10% of the retail price, which accounts for our bank charges, handling, testing, repacking and restocking of the product.

  3. Please respect goods that you return and include the original packaging. We are reasonable people and we expect that you are too. If any damage is found, no refund shall be provided, and the product shall be posted back to the customer.

  4. If the product is damaged in any way, neither the purchase price nor shipping charges will be refunded, whether purchased by direct-debit, cash or credit card, and the product shall be posted back to the customer.

  5. Guarantee does not extend to products designated as "shop seconds". These are goods that have been previously returned and are sold as is (normally at a discounted price) and may include other ex-display goods or floor damaged goods etc.

  6. Guarantee does not extend to "Veil anti-laser paint" if it has been opened by the customer. Also please note: Veil cannot be sent via air as it is oil based paint.

  7. Original (or legible copy) of purchase receipt must be provided stating name of product & date of purchase. The receipt must show the product was purchased directly from Delonix Radar Australia.

  8. We reserve the right to refuse any and all refunds if we feel in our opinion that the buyer is exploiting this guarantee or is being unreasonable in any way.
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