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on HID lights by clicking below...

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  • Hi, I am interested in fitting HIDs to my [insert your vehicle model] but I couldnt find my vehicle in your list. Which HID kit fits my vehicle?

  • What is the best / right / correct HID kit for my [insert your vehicle type]

  • Please advise the correct bulbs for my [insert your vehicle] because you
    do not have this information on your website

  • What does CANBUS mean, and how do I know if my vehicle is CANBUS?

  • What colour (kelvin rating) HID lights do you recommend?

  • I want to upgrade to HID for my car - will HID or higher wattage melt anything?

  • When you say that your HID kits use Philips patent globes, what do you mean by this? Does it mean that they are the actually globes I would receive if I was to purchase a Philips HID kit and i just get a different ballast?

  • Can't I just swap my halogen bulbs for HID bulbs?

  • I have an existing system and i have a blown [bulb or ballast] - can I buy a replacement [bulb or ballast] from you and will it work with what i have already?

  • Are HID kits legal in [insert your state here]?

  • Can you provide any additional advice on fitting these to a [insert your vehicle here]?

  • My Question is not already covered above....Can I contact you?

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