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Valentine One (V1) version 3.872

Price: $899.00
The very best portable radar detector for use in Western Australia or New Zealand.
Longest range (detection) of Multanova and Poliscan speed cameras used in WA.
The undisputed very best laser detection available in a radar / laser detector.
Directional arrows point to which direction the radar / laser threat is coming from.
List Price: $899.00
Online Price: $799.95

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Product Description

The Valentine One radar / laser detector is one of the highest performing radar detectors on the market, and will give you the very best protection in Western Australia or New Zealand. We've given the V1 the title "WA & NZ's best" because of all the different brands of radar detectors available, the V1 will give you the LONGEST warning on mobile speed cameras (both the Multanova and new Poliscan), the BEST detection of hand-held laser guns and the LONGEST warning against highway patrol police and their dash mounted radars. It is NOT suited for use on the East Coast of Australia, as it is not stealth (undetectable).

The Valentine One has been rated as the number one windscreen mounted radar detector for many years by independant testers and hobbyists. Our tests confirm this. The Valentine is the undisputed champion when it comes to laser detection of any radar detector, as well as turning in some of the highest performance figures on all radar bands.

Product Tests

Nearly every (UNBIASED) test that includes the Valentine One in its line up of detectors tested, places the Valentine One at (or very close to) the top position. Our own testing confirms these findings. Quite simply, the Valentine One is one of the highest performing radar detectors when it comes to sensitivity - in other words, its ability to "sniff out" police radar.

No BS Notice how we wrote UNBIASED above? Some of you have emailed us asking about the reference on the Neltronics website to the V1 versus Bel STi article (scraped from the ORIGINAL 2006 Craig Peterson's article on his radartest.com website) that claims the Bel STi is the better radar detector of the two. We disagree.


Well there are several reasons...

  • Firstly these tests were conducted in the USA. Other than the K-band radar test (which is bogus in our opinion, more on that later) none of his radar frequencies ARE USED IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA! There was no Multanova test, and no Poliscan comparison. Any test that you draw conclusions from needs to accurately test the particular radar / laser units used here right?

  • Second Craig Peterson is (or has been) at the time, a PAID CONSULTANT to Escort! Escort owns Beltronics. That's like a cigarette company paying a spin doctor to say cigarettes don't cause lung cancer! Don't believe me? Read the proof here

  • Third, even assuming his results were accurate, Craig constructs his graphs in a way to make the Bel look far more superior than the V1. His "straightaway Ka band Composite test" has the horizontal axis starting at 6 miles instead of zero. The Ka-band police radar cannot detect your speed at 1 mile, let alone 6 miles. And if those antics weren't deceitful enough, Craig went to the trouble of trying to sabotage one of his competitor's testing events! Read all about HIS EMBARRASSING FALL FROM GRACE HERE.
Bottom line is, whilst the guy has a lot of great in-depth knowledge on radars, he hates Mike Valentine, is paid by Escort, and got caught trying to sabotage his competitor's test.

For a more unbiased review between the two detectors, read our Bel STi versus Valentine One article. And for unbiased performance figures, have a read of our own results below (backed up by videos on YouTube) and results from the "Guys of Lidar" - a bunch of hobbyists in the USA that get together to test radars and who are NOT paid by a radar manufacturer!


See how the Valentine One performed in our Multanova 6F 34.3GHz Speed camera test - with videos:

Radar Detector







Bel 966 euro (Remote)

Escort 9500ci
Rizen RZ-730
Whistler Pro78 Rev A
Whistler Pro78 Rev B


Whistler Pro78 Rev B



Click on any of the Radar Detector names in the table above to watch the corresponding video of the test.

See how the Valentine One performed in our Laser Detection test:

Radar Detector % of alerts
Valentine One 73.8%
Bel STi XR 48.5%
Escort X50 42.5%
Bel STi-R 25.6%
Cobra 9330 25.0%
Whistler Pro-78 13.3%
Whistler XTR690 11.1%

See how the Valentine One performed at the August 2007 Guys of Lidar test:





and then again by the guys of lidar in 2008:







Products Evaluated:Valentine One Radar Detector.

Evaluation Methodology:Radar and laser guns operated by certified police officers. Testing conducted February-April 2000 in El Paso, TX, by Speed Measurement Laboratories, Inc. (SML).


All radar and laser equipment operated within the guidelines of the International Association of Chiefs of Police per standard police practices.

Detectors provided by manufacturer.


Radar guns used:Stalker ATR 34.7 GHz, Kustom Signals Talon 35.5 GHz, Kustom Signals Falcon 24.150 GHz, Stalker Basic 2 4.150 GHz, MPH Industries 10.525. Laser guns used: LT1 Ultra Lyte 200, 904 nanometers, Kustom Signals Pro Laser III, 904 nanometers, Stalker LZ-1, 904 nanometers. Normal police targeting with radar is 1/4 mile. Normal laser targeting with laser is 1000 feet.


Note: At short laser targeting ranges, the laser beam is extremely narrow and in many cases all detectors will give no warning. Each detector was given two runs in each evaluation category. SML not compensated for field testing Valentine Research products. SML requested "top of the line" models for testing. Evaluations conducted under ideal atmospheric, RF propagation conditions. Your results may vary.


In the results below,"instant on" testing was conducted with the test vehicle containing the radar detector at 2,000 feet. "Instant on" is the manner in which the officer triggers the radar gun on for approximately 1-2 seconds then turns it off with no signal being emitted. "Yes" indicates the radar detector detected this "instant on" signal.


All detectors have a series of LEDs or text informing the driver of the signal strength of the incoming radar gun signal. The higher the number displayed by the detector, the stronger the reported incoming radar gun signal.


In the "signal strength" report , the number reported is this signal strength. If "Full" is indicated in the report, the individual detector immediately reported a maximum signal strength report with accompanying full audio alert per the instruction manual of the individual detector with no signal strength "ramp up" of the alert reporting LEDs or audio.


Field Testing Results
Model Maximum Range in miles Instant On at 2000 ft/alert strength Laser Alert at 2000 ft VG-2 X K Ka X K Ka (904 nanometers) (11.55 GHz) V-1 3.0 3.3 4.0 yes/F yes/F yes/F yes/full alert undetected


The Valentine One uniquely includes front and rear facing antennas. It is the only dash mounted detector with such a feature. It is the only detector with a metal case greatly reducing false alert potentials.


The V-1 gives scorching performance on all radar bands and its directional arrows tell you where the radar is. Rear reception range of all radar bands is exceptional. Laser receiver is top notch.


The Valentine One gave advanced warning to police radar guns six to eight times the normal targeting distance of the radar guns, depending on the radar band.


Results Attested To:

Carl Fors, B.S., M.S.

Testing conducted February-April 2000 in El Paso, TX
Speed Measurement Laboratories, Inc.  Fort Worth, Texas

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Postage & Delivery:


All Radar Detector orders will be express posted using either Australia Post or USPS.

Once your order has veen dispatched, we will email you the tracking number and website to which you can track your order online.

All orders require a signature at delivery, so we recommend using a delivery address where someone will be during the day. Post office boxes are OK.

For shipping of radar detectors, please allow 5-7 business days for delivery.

Valentine One Installation & Programming

The Valentine One is sleek in design and easily installs on the windshield, plugging into the 12Vdc outlet in the vehicle, attaching to the windshield via a suction cup attachment. It can quickly disconnect from the windscreen and slide into your jacket pocket when you wish to remove it from the vehicle. The built-in self-test function guarantees reliable and complete protection every time you switch on the Valentine One radar detector, as it tests each mode of operation.

The Valentine One has been rated as the number one windscreen mounted radar detector for many years by independant testers and hobbyists. Our tests confirm this. The Valentine is the undisputed champion when it comes to laser detection of any radar detector, as well as turning in some of the highest performance figures on all radar bands.

How to program your Valentine One Radar Detector (download instruction sheet)


V1 programming for - If you wish to change modes of operation, start with table above.


This section allows you to program your V1 to reject K-band radar signals until they reach a certain signal strength, or occur for a preset amount of time.  Very useful for silencing those false alarms caused by automatic door openers & petrol stations.


This last page allows you to finalize the K-band muting, as well as turning on/off Ka narrow band & Ku band in Europe.

With euro mode turned off, put the V1 into "little l" mode to utilize the K-band muting discussed in the videos.

I. How to enter the Valentine On and V1 Remote Programming Mode.>

  • Starting with the Control Knob in the "off" position, Press and hold-in Knob and at the same time turn the Knob “on;” continue holding in the Knob until all front-panel lights are on (takes about 5 seconds).

  • Release the Control Knob.

II. How to determine your software version.

  • Press and immediately release the Control Knob to display software version. The software-version number is four digits that display one digit at a time in the Bogey Counter-example: 2.869.

  • Note your software number, then see the table below for features that are programmable in your unit.

  • Press and immediately release the Control Knob to exit software-version display.

III. How to program your desired features.

  • The feature character is indicated in the "Bogey Counter" (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, A, b, C, d, E, F, G, H, J, or u).

  • To select the next Feature Character in the sequence, press and immediately release the Control Knob.

  • The Feature State is indicated by direction arrows on the Radar Locator.

  • The Feature State is changed by pressing and holding the Control Knob until the arrow switches to the opposite direction (takes about 3 seconds).
    NOTE: If you need to return to an earlier Character in the sequence above, we recommend you switch off the power momentarily, then restart at step I above.

IV. How to exit the Programming Mode.

  • Switch power off, or unplug. The changes you programmed will be retained in memory.

V. How to tell if V1 has been changed from factory settings.

  • If the unit has been changed, P will appear briefly in the Bogey Counter soon after V1 is switched on (after the lamps-on test, but before the Mode indicator appears.)

  • On V1s with serial numbers ending in 0600 or higher, a flashing red LED just to the right of the Bogey Counter during the sequence above indicates that Ku coverage has been activated.

Fully installed detectors require more complex installation procedures.
Professional installation is also avalable please view our list of qualified Auto Electricians Here.

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