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Spectre 4 Radar Detector Detector (RDD) Test 2009

Results shown by table:


Radar Detector


With Stealth Modification

Adaptiv TPX motorcycle 1200+ (3936 feet) -
Bel GX65 550m (1804 feet) 293m (962 feet)
Bel RX65e (Euro) 407m (1335 feet) 200.2m (657 feet)
Bel STi Driver (Portable) Not Detected -
Bel STi-R (Remote) Not Detected -
Cheetah Sentinel - -
Escort 9500i 215.5m (707 feet) 210.4m (690 feet)
Escort 9500ci Not Detected -
Escort X50 (rev 5) 1036m (3398 feet) 235.9m (774 feet)
Rizen RZ-730 203.6m 668 (feet) 164.4m (539 feet)
Valentine One (front) 277.1m (909 feet) -
Valentine One (rear) 533.5m (1750 feet) -
Whistler Pro 78 Rev C 45m (147 feet) 24m (79 feet)
Whistler XTR-690 Rev C 94.6m (310 feet) 29.7m (97 feet)
Whistler XTR-695 90.9m (298 feet) 60.4m (198 feet)


Click on any of the (blue underlined) results in the table above to watch the corresponding video of that test.



Results shown by graph:





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