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Radar Detector Tests & Laser Jammer Tests

Best Place to Mount Radar Detector
There are many debates on the Internet as to where is the best position to mount your radar detector (high or low on the windscreen) or even in the front grill. Lots of speculation and (sometimes heated) debates - only way to know for certain...a controlled test. We tested both Multanova speed camera & off axis (around the curve) detection at different mounting points to put an end to the debate.

Multanova Speed Camera Test - 2006
We put the Bel RX65 Pro, Escort X50, Valentine One and the Bel STi head-to-head against a Multanova 6F Ka-band 34.3GHz speed camera to see which detector came out on top.

Multanova Speed Camera Test - 2007
We put the Whistler Pro-78, Escort X50, Valentine One and the Bel STi (with 33.8 fix) head-to-head against a Multanova 6F Ka-band 34.3GHz speed camera to see which detector came out on top.

Laser Detection Test - 2008

Think you have protection against laser guns with your current radar detector? Think again. We performed over 210 tests, against 7 different radar detectors at 5 different distances with the radar detectors mounted both low and high on the windscreen. The results may surprise you!

Radar Detector Test - 2008

This test was our biggest one to date, with a total of 19 RD's tested, against both K-band & Ka-band dash mounted radars in an off-axis test. The off-axis testing (we call "around the curve" tests) represents one of two real world scenarios where only the most sensitive detectors give you any advanced warning!

Laser Jammer Test - 2008
Seven top brand laser jammers tested against 3 different laser guns over 3 days. This was our second annual laser jammer test, but this time we also teted rear shots, and 2 motorcycles also fitted with jammers.

Radar Detector Detector (RDD) Test - Spectre IV 2009
We put 14 of the top brand radar detectors to the test to see just how far the latest generation "Spectre IV+" radar detector detector could "sniff them out". Included in the RD's tested were the Adaptiv TPX motorcycle RD, the Bel GX65, RX65 euro, plus many more. We even tried a new "stealth modification" to many of the detectors, to see how far the range was cut down on their detection. Only the Bel STi, the Bel STi-R and the Escort 9500ci were 100% undetectable.

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