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Stealth Radar Detectors - electronically undetectable to police

Can the police determine if you are using a radar detector?


All modern digital radar detectors emit some electronic noise, even though they are a passive device!

A radar detector detector (RDD) is the device used by police to (electronically) determine if a vehicle in the proximity, is using, a radar detector. RDD's were brought about by the need for law enforcement officers to determine if a driver was using a radar detector in a state or country where they are illegal.

Stealth Micro Systems (SMS) of Australia supply local police with the Stalcar (re-named as Spectre outside of Australia) RDD and later followed with upgrades, the Stalcar 2, 3 & 4. The Stalcar / Spectre II and III were so successful, that many law enforcement agencies around the world submitted large orders for these devices

How far away can your radar detector be detected by the police RDD's?

See our 2009 Spectre IV+ RDD video test results

At this time of writing, there are only a handful of radar detectors available in the world that 100% invisible to ALL radar detector detectors. It should be noted that many Radar Detectors cannot be detected by the (obsolete) VG-2 radar detector detector (RDD), which is often referred to as "shadow technology". This is useless against modern RDDs as the VG-2 is hardly used anymore, and has now been replaced by the latest Spectre / Stalcar RDD. Sometimes older RDs have marketing material on the box that states something like:

"VG-2 cloaking - which means this detector is undetectable by police radar detector detectors"

This is a load of bull. The VG-2 is an out of date RDD that is seldom used throughout the world anymore. Many of these "so-called" stealth RDs are EASILY detected by the newest modern "Spectre" or "Stalcar" RDDs - see our video tests via the link above.

We still get many phone calls asking us the difference between the Bel "XR" (Australian / NZ packaging) and the Bel "STi Driver" (the "rest of the world" packaging).
Read this article: Bel XR vs Bel STi

Undetectable Radar Detectors & Packages:

Escort 9500ci remote radar detector
Escort 9500ci Installed Radar Detector
The Escort 9500ci is the second "remote installed" 'stealth' radar detector to hit the market that is undetectable to ALL police radar detector detectors (also known as RDDs) Previous to the Escort 9500ci and the Beltronics STi, RD manufactures simply moved the 'lo frequency' at which their radar detectors operated at. The Bel STi was the first to shield ALL emissions resulting in a 100% invisible RD to all models of Spectre, Stalcar and VG-2 radar detector detectors. The Escort 9500ci shares the same M3 antenna as the Bel STi-R
Our Price: $2399.00 AUD (includes GST)
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Escort Redline radar detector
Escort Redline Radar Detector
The Escort Redline radar / laser detector uses the same M3 antenna first pioneered in the Bel STi, however Escort have further tweaked the sensitivity, to product one of their most sensitive radar detectors yet. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles as other models, Escort have just focused on this unit giving maximum range (detection) of police radar. This model detector is best suited for use outside Western Australia. It is 100% undetectable (stealth) like the Bel STi, Bel STi-R and Escort 9500ci - which means it cannot be electronically detected by police radar detector detectors. We do not recommend it for use in Western Australia - as it's Multanova detection is below standard, but for outside of WA (the only state to use the "Multanova" speed camera) it will detect all radars and laser very well.
Our Price: $799.00 AUD (includes GST)
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Bel STi-R PLUS image
Beltronics STi-R PLUS Radar Detector with GPS
Whilst a 100% stealth radar detector was welcomed by the market in 2006, having a portable unit was not the ideal solution for those wanting a completely hidden, installed system. The STi-R, released in September 2007 filled that need. With the same 100% stealth properties as its portable counterpart, the Bel STi Driver, the Bel STi-R ("R" standing for remote) further increases sensitivity, with added features all in a system designed to be hidden from sight. Then, in 2010, the Bel STi-R was further upgraded to the Bel STi-R PLUS. Finally Beltronics released the product everyone was asking for. Great range, Ka-band selection, 100% undetectable, and now with GPS to lock out false alarms, and provide fixed speed / red light camera warnings. This radar detector is simply the very best hidden unit you could buy for Australia.
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Beltronics STi Driver Radar Detector
Beltronics STi Driver (Bel XR) Radar Detector
The Bel STi Driver was the very first 'stealth' radar detector to hit the market that was (and still is) undetectable to ALL police radar detector detectors (also known as RDDs). Previous to the Beltronics STi, RD manufactures simply moved their operating 'lo frequency' at which the radar detectors were tuned to. The Bel STi was the first detector to shield ALL emissions resulting in a 100% invisible RD to all models of Spectre, Stalcar and VG-2 radar detector detectors. The STi Driver is a portable radar detector that mounts on the windsceen or dash, and can be moved from car to car.
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