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Fully Installed / Hidden Radar Detectors

"Remote radar detectors" are a fully hidden / installed system in your car for a discrete, clean finish. There is no box hanging off your windscreen, no cables running to your cigarette lighter socket, the system is all completely hidden via a stealth installation.

Whilst not for people that wish to move their radar detector from car to car, they do represent the best way of concealing your radar system from prying eyes and would-be thieves.

Too many times a car window has been broken at the sight of suction cups on the windscreen. With a remote radar detector, no-one will know you are protected.

Need the portability of moving a radar detector between cars?
Check out our windscreen mounting radar detectors.

Thinking of buying a "brand new" radar detector off eBay? Read this first!

Fully Installed Radar Detectors:

Escort 9500ci remote radar detector
Escort 9500ci Installed Radar Detector
The Escort 9500ci is the second "remote installed" 'stealth' radar detector to hit the market that is undetectable to ALL police radar detector detectors (also known as RDDs) Previous to the Escort 9500ci and the Beltronics STi, RD manufactures simply moved the 'lo frequency' at which their radar detectors operated at. The Bel STi was the first to shield ALL emissions resulting in a 100% invisible RD to all models of Spectre, Stalcar and VG-2 radar detector detectors. The Escort 9500ci shares the same M3 antenna as the Bel STi-R
Our Price: $2399.00 AUD (includes GST)
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Valentine One Remote Radar Detector
Valentine One Remote Radar Detector
The Valentine One Radar / Laser detector is rated in performance as one of the best radar detectors in the world. It has greater sensitivity on almost every radar frequency than any other radar detector. With directional arrows to show you where the threat is coming from, and an advanced automatic muting to reduce false alarms, the V1 is now available in a remote package for stealth installations. Included in this package is a waterproof enclosure allowing you to mount your V1 in the front of your car or bike, as well as a separate remote audio and remote display unit. This way you can keep your V1 mounted outside the car or on your bike, but get the alerts inside the car by mounting the display module close to your instrument cluster or bike's guages.
Our Price: $1299.00 AUD (includes GST)
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