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Motorcycle Radar Detectors & Laser Jammers

If you are looking for a motorcycle radar detector solution, we have put together the best components to make up a motorbike radar detector package suitable for Australia or New Zealand. Whilst a radar detector is easy to install in a car, mounting to a motorbike, and more importantly, actually seeing and hearing the alerts, presents a unique challenge for motor cycle riders. Here are the radar detector options available for Motorycle riders.

Our range of Motorcycle Radar Detectors

Adaptiv TPX Motorcycle Radar Detector
Adaptiv TPX Motorcycle Radar
Designed with the motorcyclist in mind, the Main Console is water, shock, and vibration resistant. It features oversized buttons for ease of use with riding gloves. Its large, angled, top-positioned LCD optimizes viewing from all riding positions. The Main Console is designed to be used with the TPX™ Wireless Headset or TPX™ Visual Alert. It has a 3.5mm mono auxiliary-out jack for integration with other audio or communication systems. Powered directly from the motorcycle’s battery with the included Wiring Harness. This motorcycle radar detector is best suited for detecting higher powered radar guns and mobile radar.
Our Price: $319.95 AUD (includes GST)
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