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Radar Jammers

In the cat and mouse game that began between the Police radar manufacturers and the Radar Detector manufacturers, some companies looked at the idea of not only detecting the radar signal,
but to block or jam the signal to prevent a speed reading being obtained.In the 1980's there was "The Judge" which was a (quite effective) X-band active radar jammer. A false reading would be "dialed in"
by the driver, so that despite the actual vehicle's speed, the radar gun would be shown the dummy of phantom speed being transmitted by "The Judge".

The downside to this method was if you forgot to adjust your phantom speed as you came off the Interstate, you would still be transmitting the same speed, say 60mph as you were driving at 30mph! Imagine the embarrassment of drivers being booked for 60mph when they were only doing 30mph,

With the invent of K-band radar, and later Ka-band, "The Judge" became useless, and it's existence disappeared. Several other companies tried to continue on with this idea, and the Phantom RCD was released with reasonable results. However once Police radar went digital, these radar detector jammers became limited in their jamming success.

Today, there remains one company (barely I might add, who never answers their emails or telephone) that offers "The Scorpion Ultimate Ka Jammer". This is the last active jammer known to be offered for sale and again, has limited success jamming digital radar. Due to the power required in transmitting a radar signal, no jammers ever came out as a wireless radar detector. Unfortunately our US correspondent has advised us that the number of customers ringing them for help / repairs of the Scorpion (when they don't even sell it) leads us to believe this product is not up to standard, especially considering the $1500US price tag.

Active Radar Jamming is a federal offence in the United States and carries stiff fines and possible jail terms. It is strongly advised not to consider buying a radar jammer.

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