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Comparing different radar detectors

A common question asked here at Delonix Radar is which radar detector performs the best between two particular models. "Which one is better?" should really be asked as "Which one is better for me?"

When comparing the four top radar detectors, like the ones featured in our Prowler Radar & Prowler Remote Systems, the actual performance between each detector is very similar, but there are subtle differences.

V1 versus Bel STi
How does the new STi Driver stealth unit compare to the Valentine One? We look at both models side by side.

bel sti
Bel STi Driver versus Bel STi XR
The Bel STi is sold throughout the world as the STi Driver, yet in Australia, it is sold as the Bel XR. What is the difference? We put them side by side to the test.

There are two main factors that need to be considered when deciding on which radar detector is best for you and your driving needs and both of these are determined by your geographical location.

Firstly, what speed measurement devices are used in your area or state, and secondly what are the laws governing the use of radar detectors and similar devices in your state.

The first point addressed highlights the various radar, laser and speed cameras used in your state or area. The best radar detector (for your specific needs) should perform exceptionally well against the threats used in your area. 
Different speed measuring devices have subtle differences that are better detected by different RD models.

For example if laser is used in your state, you should consider a RD with excellent laser optics, such as the Valentine One. If Gatso speed cameras are used, you will need a RD that is sensitive to the k-band frequency the particular Gatso operates at.

If Multanova speed cameras are used, then ideally you need a RD with a ka-narrow band filter to detect the 34.3Ghz frequency of these units.

The point I'm trying to make here, is that whilst one particular model radar detector may do exceptionally well when tested (in a particular country or even state) and may be declared "the world's best detector" - it may not be the best detector for your neck of the woods.

North America is one of the largest markets for radar detectors, and many excellent reviews come out of the US. The difference however between the US and Australia markets, is that
1) most Australian states ban the use of a RD and
2) there are many more speed cameras used in Australia than in the US.

These two differences alone mean (for example) the Beltronics RX65 radar detector performs exceptionally well for use in North America, but isn't the best choice for Australian drivers. It's poor performance against 34.3Ghz Ka-band Multanova 6F speed cameras and its (non-stealth) ability to be detected by police radar detector detectors (RDD's) mean we do not recommend the Bel-tronics RX65 as for Australian use - not to say it isn't a great detector, it simply isn't very good for Australian conditions.

This leads us to the discussion of the legality of using a radar detector. Currently the use of a radar detector in a passenger vehicle is legal in all US states except Virginia, Washington DC and on any military base. In Australia however, it is a different story as most states ban the use of radar detectors. 

Police have an electronic device (known as a radar detector detector) that can pick up the small lo frequency leak inherit to all (but one) radar detectors. 
Even though a RD is in itself a passive device, it still emits electronic noise and it is this electronic noise that the police RDD will detect.

Invisibility or stealth, in the language of radar detectors, refers to a radar detector's ability to be detected itself, either by sight, electronically or what most people forget, your actions. 

Many people still choose to operate a radar detector in areas where they are banned, dealing with the three points above in various ways. You can read up more on police RDD's in the article section of our radar detector page.

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