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steps to choosing the best radar detector

Step 3:
Do you want a portable unit (that can be moved from car to car)
or a built in (completely hidden) system?

Portable Radar Detector

Portable Radar Detectors
Portable Radar Detectors

Built in Radar Detector

Fully Intalled radar detector
Outside Western Australia

Choosing between a portable radar detector, or one that is built-in to your vehicle is personal taste. Each has its advantages and disadvatages, but as far as performance goes, there is usually minimal difference between the two types.

A portable radar detector draws it's power from a cable that plugs into your cigarette lighter. Some portable radar detectors also have the option of running a "hard-wire kit" - which simply means instead of a power cable going to your cigarette lighter socket, it has a power cable hard-wired into your vehicle's electrical power.

 Advantages of a portable radar detector:

  1. Can be easily moved from car to car if you have multiple work cars or for a hire car
  2. Doesn't require installation - which can take time and / or money

Disadvantages to a portable radar detector:

  1. Can be seen from outside the vehicle which can make your car a target to thieves (or the police)
  2. Less reliable "laser" detection. (Sensors are away from the beam aiming point)
  3. Cannot be used on a car with a metallic window tint front windscreen (called "Athermic" windscreens)


Advantages of a fully installed radar detector:

  1. Can't be seen - which protects you from any prying eyes
  2. Generally better at detecting laser and mobile speed cameras
  3. Can be used effectively in cars with an athermic windscreen (metallic glass)

Disadvantages to a fully installed radar detector:

  1. Difficult to move from car to car
  2. Requires installation (costs time and / or money)
  3. Difficult to service if faulty (requires removal from the vehicle)

Choose a built in system if you want something completely hidden in your vehicle, and don't need to move it between vehicles. Otherwise choose portable.

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