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How to choose the BEST radar detector for YOUR specific needs

Choosing the best radar detector for you and your driving needs is easy Choosing the Right Radar Detector Is Easy!    

Follow these steps:

    Step 1 – Which Country are you from?
    Step 2 – Where do you plan to drive?
    Step 3 – Choose portable or built in (hidden)
    Step 4 – Choose your level of protection

click here to start your process of choosing the best radar detector for your needs (motorcycle riders click here)

What's the best Radar Detector?

A common question asked by visitors to this website is "Which radar detector is the best?"

"Which one is best?" should really be asked as "Which one is the best for me?"

There are four main questions that need to be answered when deciding upon which radar detector is best for YOU and your driving needs. For a guided explanation on each of these questions, click on the red button above to get started.

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