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Bel / Escort Vertical Mount Bracket

Increase your speed camera warnings by up to 42%
while decreasing your false alarms
Price: $19.95 AUD (incl GST)

  • Get more warning time on polarized speed cameras like Multanova 6F
  • Decrease false alarms caused by automatic door openers
  • Doesn't reduce your laser or dash-mounted police radar warnings
  • Aligns the polarization of the Multanova with that of your detector's antenna squeezing every last bit of performance out of your detector
  • Suction cups not included (simply use your existing ones)

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Vertical Bracket
Price: $19.95 AUD
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We have sold 100's of these brackets world-wide including shipping to Hong Kong, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Poland, Canada and Hungary.

"How would you like to INCREASE the warning time you get on speed cameras while DECREASING the annoying false alerts you get from automatic door openers at shopping centres and petrol stations?"


The biggest complaint we receive from owners of radar detectors is the amount of false alarms you get (caused by microwave automatic door openers and security sensors) when driving in the city.

You know the scenario - every time you drive past a petrol station (gas station for our US friends) your radar detector beeps like crazy on K-band, and once again you reach forward and hit the mute button whilst your passenger looks at you with that "what the hell is all that noise"? look.

You get so good at picking where the false alerts signal, that you find yourself subconciously reaching for the mute button just before it beeps on your daily commute.

Any of you "Beltronics" owners familular with those "Cave Man" alerts?!

In dense shopping areas, you almost want to throw the radar detector out the window with all the beeping that goes on. You see, those false (K-band) alerts are caused because most automatic door opening systems (as well as other things like security sensors and the like) operate on the same frequency as (K-band) police radar. And a radar detector cannot distinguish between a "real" police radar and these "false" signals since they operate on the same frequency (around 24.15GHz)

The second biggest complaint I have received are from members that encounter low powered speed cameras such as Multanova, Ramet AD9, Ramer 7M, Gatso. These radar speed cameras operate on such a low power, that they are very difficult to detect - only the very best radar detectors give any kind of "advanced" warning.

In fact, when any of these type of speed cameras are set up "rear facing" (in other words taking the photo of your car AFTER you've passed the camera) most radar detectors only "beep" as you draw level with the camera - effectively giving you about 1 second warning.

The reasons why radar detectors don't give much of an advanced warning on these cameras are

1) The speed cameras use very low powered radar as already mentioned but

2) Because unlike the "dash mounted" radar on police cars, these speed camera radars use what's called a "polarized" radar signal.

You see most police radars have "circular polarization" so it makes no difference whether your radar is mounted vertically or horizontally, you'll get the same warning. When these radars transmit their "radar beams", the radar shoots out of the gun in a cone like fashion. So as the radar beam leaves the gun, it spreads out in a circular pattern, getting wider and wider the further away it travels.

But the above mentioned speed cameras are different.  These cameras are horizontally polarized, while your radar detector antenna is vertically polarized. So by turning your radar detector on it's side (by 90 degrees) you are in effect now matching the polarization of the incoming radar beam with your radar detector...giving you longer warning times.

This phenomenon is especially apparent with Beltronics radar detectors. Speak to any RX65 owner and the story is the same (and matches my own experience) - one day you get 300m warning on a camera, and then the next time you get 40m warning! It's these inconsistencies that are smoothed out when you match the polarization of the speed cameras.

Still unsure?!  Read the discussions on the radardetector.net forum

or the more scientific explanations here: http://www.microwaves101.com/

thus you'll get the most warning by turning the detector 90 degrees on it's side to match the polarization of the speed camera.

Product Features and Specifications
Our custom fabricated metal bracket is a one-piece design that will fit the following radar detectors:
  • Any Beltronics Professional series,
  • Any Beltronics Vector series,
  • Beltronics STi Driver (STi XR in AU/NZ)
  • Escort 9500i,
  • Escort X50
  • Any Escort Solo radar detector
  • AND will slide into the Valentine One's visor mount perfectly to hold the V1 vertically on your windscreen.

Installing your vertical mount bracket

Simply bend the top of the bracket to match the angle of your windscreen, so your radar detector sits level with the road, then insert your existing suction cups, and press against the windscreen.  Your radar detector can now be attached (and removed) in the same manor as your existing bracket.

Bel / Escort Vertical Mount Bracket Tests

See the results of our 2008 Multanova 6F 34.3GHz Speed camera test:

Radar Detector







Bel 966 euro (Remote)

Bel 975r (Remote)
Bel STi-R (Remote)
Cobra 9330
Cobra 9930
Conqueror PL940 Remote
Conqueror PL940 Euro
Early Warning EW-3005
Early Warning EW-3005
Escort 9500i
Escort 9500i
Escort 9500ci

Rizen RZ-730
Valentine One (euro off)
Valentine One (euro off)
V1 Remote (euro off)
Whistler 948euro
Whistler Pro78 Rev A

Whistler Pro78 Rev B


Whistler Pro78 Rev B


Whistler Pro78 Rev C



Visit our YouTube video page to watch all the videos of the above tests.

Vertical Mount Bracket Videos

Introductory Video on the Vertical Mount Bracket, how it works, and WHY it works.


Many microwave based automatic door openers (false alerts) are the opposite in their polarization....so mounting your radar detector vertically actually decreases that annoying beeping caused by these false alerts!

So you are getting the best of both worlds - increased warning times on polarized speed cameras and decreased annoying false alarms.

Try it yourself - park out the front of a shopping centre or gas station and turn your radar detector on its side to see if the alert decreases



Posted by domination88

Vertical vs Horizontal Shootout. Escort X50 detecting Multanova Speed Camera in Perth, Western Australia. Testing for performance gain from mounting the detector vertically




Posted by tonymeredith250cc

This is a test of the Passsport X50 radar against those sneeky f@#$!K'n multanova cameras. the results are amazing giving almost double the warning mounted vertical and on the last run had a 45sec warning and 640m Please note my radar is switched to auto mute so when initially goes off it goes quieter after few seconds...


Customer video posted on YouTube with the Bel RX65 mounted vertically using bracket.


Customer video posted on YouTube with the Escort 8500 X50 mounted vertically using bracket.


Customer video posted on YouTube with the Escort 8500 X50 mounted vertically using bracket - video 2

"That is wicked range...200m at least fellas!"


The feedback are we getting (click on the pictures to read in full)

Came across a camera ka 34.6 (auto patrol),on the way to hamilton the other day and had both my v1 and x50 on board so decided to do a little test.The guy sitting in the van must have thought i was nutts. pulled over at about 1 km away and slowly moved forwards and backwards till each one had a first alert.V1 won by 75m...so I decided to hold each vertically..well f... me they both nearly doubled the distance for the first alert
I decided to mount my RX65 vertically as you told me. I previously went past a multanova on Wanneroo Road, with the detector mounted normally (horizontal). On 5 runs, and the range was anywhere between 30 and 120m. Vertically, detection range went up to just over 200m and 11-12 seconds!!! I think Beltronics should make this bracket standard for WA.
Update on performance of vertical bracket: Monday lunch time on Loftus St N Perth - multinova in median strip at crest of hill. Gave me a very strong Ka warning well in advance, maybe 500 mtrs! I was so surprised by strength of signal that I hit the brembos and looked around but couldn't see the camera, kept driving further up the hill and then spotted camera. Huge heads up and I am very impressed!
I have found the warning signals to be alot stronger as well!!!! Although the K band is also stronger and is bloody annoying
Very Impressed with how much better the detector works now.
"Multinova on Wanneroo Rd Tuart Hill today, spotted with detector a good 800 metres out and had plenty of time to "check"my speedo. This vertical bracket really works well for me."
"Multinova Mandurah Road, Falcon vertical bracket got me a solid 500m"
"Nice 500m pick-up from the RX65 yesterday on Karel Ave. Loving the bracket more and more everytime "
hi guys, ive recently purchased a bel-sti driver and escort x50. the bel sti picked up the multinova at a range of 700m. by turning it sideways i picked up the multinova at a staggering 1km. totally awesome. the escort on another location in town picked up mutinova at 500m. sideways 700m both detectors totally awesome. take care and dont get caught.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How long will it take to be delivered after I order one?

Delivery time is usually 5-7 business days anywhere in Australia or New Zealand, or up to 14 days if on backorder.

Hi mate, i recently came across a new radar detector that is made in oz suited for oz conditions, called "Vengeance" - I was just wondering how this compares to the Valentine 1, as couldnt find any info on it. Would like to know your info on this and which one would be more suited for wa, ta.

It's an Asian manufactured radar detector (it's not made in Oz) imported solely by radars.com.au I haven't tested one myself, so I cannot comment on it's performance. But for a proven track record on being one of the best performers around, look at http://www.guysoflidar.com/radar-detector-test-august-2009/staged-real-world-tests.html

i have a problem of choosing what is the best radar detective, i am from Qatar in the arabian gulf, i can not remember which type of radar they are using, but i am shore it is with k or ka of ku band, the radar took foto from the back, i am not interesting in invisible radar and not interesting with GPS one, i want easy installed one, so which one you advise me to buy

Based on your requirements mentioned, the number one choice for you is definitely the Valentine One, also please read best radar detector

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