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If you are looking to buy a police radar detector for use outside of Western Australia, then your only option is to look at a stealth radar detector - otherwise if you buy a (non-stealth) unit, it will be detected and confiscated by the police. Radar detectors that are not stealth, WILL be detected by police radar detector detectors (called Stalcars in Australia, and called Spectres in the US)

If you are looking to buy a car radar detector for use only in Western Australia, then you have a much greater choice. Since radar detectors are perfectly legal in WA, you can purchase any radar (stealth or not) - although due to the very low powered Multanova speed cameras, and the Vitronic laser speed cameras (Poliscan) used in WA we recommend a better quality radar detector. Otherwise it just won't give you advanced warning on these cameras!

DelonixRadar was started back in 2004 in Perth, Western Australia, when there was a prolific amount of mis-information on the Internet on the subject of Australian radar detectors . Whilst the BS has reduced (a little) there still remains conflicting views when a customer asks the question, "what is the best radar detector for Perth?" or "what's the best radar detector in Australia?"

Speak to 3 different Australian radar detector suppliers and you'll get three different answers. Why is this so?

Well the short answer is two out of the three online Perth radar detector suppliers are giving you an answer based on their profit margins and/or the exclusive rights they have to distribute a particular brand of detector. We do not operate this way!

If you want an unbiased answer, that is NOT based on exclusive dealerships or outrageous mark-ups, we challenge you to phone our competitors, ask the question what is the best radar detector (for you), then phone us and make your own judgement.

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