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Lift 'n' Hide Stealth Kit

Price: $399.95
Lowers your laser jammers into firing position when switched on.
Raises your laser jammers up and out of sight when jammers are switched off.
Fast acting actuators raise or lower jammer heads in less than half a second.
Ideal installation kit where you want to completely hide your laser jammers.

Price: $399.95

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Product Description

Our product line of Lnh laser jammer stealth kits were developed in order to keep your laser jammer as discrete as can be.

If you own a laser jammer you know that this wonderful device may attract unwanted attention when operated.

This is when you put into action your new Lnh kit that will pull up the jammer units in less than 0.3 of a second, and that is very fast !

The lifting amplitude is about 0.8" more than is needed to conceal the jammer units behind a safe shelter.

You can now enter Stealth mode so there is no visible evidence of any installation of a laser jammer in your car.

Green and red indication LEDs will display current system's position, - up or down- just like landing gear indication in an aircraft.

The toggle switch (electric window type) as provided is all you need in order to control the system.

A short push and the heavy duty electric actuators will go into action. A self test mechanism will indicate system OK by the green LED.

Product Features and Specifications

NEW !! Auto action, the system follows the Blinder switch position !

Kit includes two units,interface unit (HUB), up/down switch and status LEDs Powerful and heavy duty elec' actuators with High reliability LED display green for operation and red for stealth mode

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Installation your Lift 'n' Hide Laser Jammer Stealth Kit
Installing the system may require taking down the bumper.
The width of the Lnh unit is designed to fit the M-27 Extreme units,
just screw the M-27 units screws into the forks and level the units so
that they are facing front.
Use the aluminum brackets provided to mount the Lnh into the bumper.
Please look at the drawing to make sure that the Lnh units will fit inside your bumper.

Plug the two Lnh units (standard Rj-45 connector), the LEDs and the switch (standard Rj-11 connector) into the interface box. All you need now is to connect the interface box to the car's 12V terminals (via the car's start switch). Mount Both LEDs into one of your provision for switches. Locate the switch in an accessible place.

Depth: 1 5/8 inch
Width: 6 ½ inch
Height with M-27 units installed: 5 ½ inches (minimum), 6 ½ inches (fully extended)

Kit includes:
2 - Lnh units + cables
1 - Interface box (Hub)+ cable
1 - Switch + cable
1 - LEDs display (green+red) + cable
1 - Brackets and screws installation kit
1 - Instructions manual

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How long will it take to be delivered after I order one?

Delivery time is usually 5-7 business days anywhere in Australia or New Zealand, or up to 14 days if on backorder.

Hi mate, i recently came across a new radar detector that is made in oz suited for oz conditions, called "Vengeance" - I was just wondering how this compares to the Valentine 1, as couldnt find any info on it. Would like to know your info on this and which one would be more suited for wa, ta.

It's an Asian manufactured radar detector (it's not made in Oz) imported solely by radars.com.au I haven't tested one myself, so I cannot comment on it's performance. But for a proven track record on being one of the best performers around, look at http://www.guysoflidar.com/radar-detector-test-august-2009/staged-real-world-tests.html

i have a problem of choosing what is the best radar detective, i am from Qatar in the arabian gulf, i can not remember which type of radar they are using, but i am shore it is with k or ka of ku band, the radar took foto from the back, i am not interesting in invisible radar and not interesting with GPS one, i want easy installed one, so which one you advise me to buy

Based on your requirements mentioned, the number one choice for you is definitely the Valentine One, also please read best radar detector

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