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HID Spot Lights and Xenon Driving Lights

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HID driving lights have that extreme "reach out and touch someone" range to reveal the road ahead. You'll see things in a newer, safer light with these punchy driving lights and rally lights on duty. And, you can mount these driving lights to your grille guard or bumper with ease.

Our all-built-in HID driving lights have internal ballasts, so all you need to do is connect them to 12 volts. They also come with a beam pattern known as "Euro Beam" which is designed to combine a spread with a pencil. In other words, if you had one driving light as a pencil beam, and the other driving light as a spread beam, then the combined effect is what is generated with a "Euro Beam".

You get the best of both worlds built into the one reflector. A concentrated spot light in the middle, with a nice spread either side.

Check Out Our Range of HID Driving Lights with Internal Ballasts:


...if you already have a set of (halogen) spotlights,
view our range of retro-fit HID kits
to convert your halogen spotlights to HID:

Spot light (also known as pencil) beam pattern is best used for maximum distance on long straight roads. HID driving lights with this type of beam pattern can illuminate signs up to 1100m away (documented by both ourselves, and customer feedback).

Flood (also known as spread) beam pattern is designed for lighting up much wider area directly in front of you, and is great for illuminating either side of the road as you're driving. There is not as much penetration (distance) but you can see a much wider area, closer in front of you.

Euro beam is the latest computer designed lens that combines a spot and flood pattern in the one reflector. It has a very concentrated spot in the middle of the beam, that will give you the distance, but at the same time, you have a tapered light either side of the centre which lights up the sides of the road as well. This gives you the best of both worlds, in the one reflector.

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