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HID kits for Lightforce 240 Blitz driving lights

The Lightforce Blitz 240 driving light can be converted to HID quite easily from its 12v 100w H3 halogen bulb to a H3 HID Xenon bulb.

HID conversion kits to suit Lightforce Blitz 240

Standard 35 watt HID Kit
Standard 35 watt HID Conversion Kit for Blitz 240
This is our entry level HID conversion kit, and requires the ballast to be mounted on the bull bar or inside your engine bay. It has a 35 watt digital ballast in standard sizing. This conversion will give you around 2 1/2 times the brightness of a standard 100watt driving light and comes with a 12 month local warranty on the ballast and globe. Available to purchase for one, two or three driving lights...
Price: $129.95
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Deluxe 35 watt HID Kit
Deluxe 35 watt HID Conversion Kit for Blitz 240
Our deluxe HID conversion kit uses our smallest, thinnest ballast. This ballast is the most likely to be able to fit inside the housing of meaning no cables to run to an externally mounted ballast. This kit will give you around 2 1/2 times the brightness of a 100watt halogen bulb and comes with an 18 month local warranty. Choose this kit if you want a high quality product, or want an internally mounted ballast.
Price: $214.95
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Deluxe 55 watt HID Kit
Deluxe 55 watt HID Conversion Kit for Blitz 240
This conversion kit will advance your driving lights to another level. Featuring a slimline 55watt ballast, giving you 4 to 5 times the brightness of a 100watt halogen bulb - but with less heat! The globe/s and ballast/s come with an 18 month warranty.
Price: $219.95
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75 watt HID Xenon Conversion Kit
Extreme 75 watt HID Conversion Kit for Blitz 240
New for 2010 is our Extreme 75watt HID conversion kit. When you need to signal the moon or burn the retinas and melt kangaroos in front of you this 75watt HID converison is 3 - 4 times as bright as a 35 watt HID Kit! The ballast is twice the size of our regular ballasts, so it will not fit internally - you will need to mount the ballast/s inside the engine bay, or on the bull bar. Even with this mild inconvenience, the ammount of light these things produce has to be seen to be believed. Includes a separate relay for handling the 11 amps (per ballast) and has a 12 month warranty.
Our Price: $226.95
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