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Car HID Lights and Xenon Conversion Kits

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Car HID conversion kits will increase the brightness of your standard car lights from 3 - 6 times. A common complaint from car owners (even brand new cars) is the inadequacy of the existing headlights. The problem in choosing HID as an option at the dealer when you buy a car new is often the $2000-$3000 price tag.

Now you can have that expensive Xenon headlight look, with the safety of better night time light, for a fraction of the cost. HID conversion kits can usually be installed in under 2 hours - in fact the shortest time ever reported back from one of our customers was 20 minutes!

Not only do HID lights give you a massive increase in brightness of your headlights, but they will also last around 10 times as long as halogens, but can consume around 40% less power - which means it's better on the environment and better on your wallet.

Every time you buy replacement globes for your existing halogen lights (which usually last no more than 300 hours) you are probably spending around $30 - $60. HID globes, by comparison will last around 3000 hours - which means they last 10 times as long as halogen globes.

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