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Replacement HID Bulbs and Xenon Globes:

If you have a blown HID bulb, or would like to replace your existing HID globes / colour, then we stock a large selection of spare HID bulbs.

Don't pay car dealer prices of up to $300 for a single globe, buy direct below... simply click on the globe type you need, then choose your desired colour.

April 2013, I've just been advised we have a new winner! Subaru Artarmon want to charge $584.00 for ONE replacement HID bulb for a 2005/6 Forester!! Congratulations Subaru Artarmon, you have just taken the prize for the most expensive automotive bulb in Australia.

Edit – May 2013, Looks like we've started a new competition amongst car dealers…..the current winner is SVM Volvo in Lindfield (NSW) who somehow managed to keep a straight face while quoting a gentleman $800 for a replacement D2S bulb. EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS - are you serious?
Maybe we should put our prices up??

Actually our supplier's prices have come and so have ours.
Our price for a pair of single beam globes are $59.95 which includes express postage
(2 days delivery to most addresses)

Single beam type bulbs include H1, H3, H7, HB3, HB4 etc

HID Connector

Our HID replacement bulbs use the most common connectors called "AMP" as per the above photos

Dual filament (Hi/Lo) globes are $65.95 a pair - including express postage.
Hi/Lo bulbs include H4, H13, 9004 and 9007 only

However, just to clarify, H4, 9004 and 9007 bulbs are available in BOTH single beam design and dual beam design. In Australia, 90% of H4 bulbs used are the Hi/Lo version. Not many lights use a H4 single beam type bulb.

The H13 and 9004/9007 bulbs are used in American cars.

75 watt Bulbs are $69.95 a pair including express postage.

D Series Xenon HID.

D1 – Special order only

D2 - $59.95 a pair including express postage

D3 – Special order only

D4 - Special order only

To buy a pair of replacement bulbs, just click on the bulb type, then click on the colour you want, and it will be added to your shopping cart.

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