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24 Volt HID kits suitable for Trucks and Tractors

Car HID Lights

If your truck uses a 12 volt eletrical system, then please visit our car hid lights page - but if your vehicle is a 24 volt system, then the following kits are suitable for you. The globes in the 12 volt kits are the same as those used in the 24 volt kits - it's just the ballasts in the 24 volt kits that differ - they can accept an input voltage from 9 - 32 volts.

The output of the 12 volt and 24 volt kits is exactly the same.

HID conversion kits for your 24 volt truck or tractor can usually be installed in under 2 hours - in fact the shortest time ever reported back from one of our customers was 20 minutes!

Not only do Truck HID lights give you a massive increase in brightness of your headlights, but they will also last around 10 times as long as halogens, but can consume around 40% less power - which means it's better on the environment and better on your wallet. For those professional drivers, that may be replacing driving light bulbs every few months, HID systems can last years.

If you don't know what socket type bulb your truck takes, then we recommend you check your vehicle manual or booklet, as this will tell you what the replacement globes are under the "headlights" section.

If you already know what globes / socket type your vehicle takes, click on any of the pictures below to view our range of kits available for that specific globe type.


Please note: Some globe types have different names as follows:

Sometimes called

  • HB1

  • HB2 or 9003

  • HB3

  • HB4

  • HB5

Actual Name

  • 9004

  • H4

  • 9005

  • 9006

  • 9007

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