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Motorcyclist in SA...
11-27-2010, 12:06 PM,
Motorcyclist in SA...

Are there any other bikers out there who actually have Laser Jammers and Radar Detectors on their bikes...I'd be interested to know their experiences


* How well does your setup work (and what it is)
* Have you ever had your bike inspected by a copper while stopped and asked what 'this bit here is'..what did you say?

Im very close to buying some kit; and right now because I mostly do highway riding to work, my belief is its coppers with their portable hairdryers I most have to worry about (bike or car, marked or unmarked) - thus I believe most of them have laser guns, however I suppose the cars may still have radar systems setup...does anyone know?

Any help or advice would be brilliant

cheers all.

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