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How much do I need?
08-04-2010, 10:13 AM,
Question  How much do I need?
With the paint for the number plates how many number plates will a pot do and how many coats must one apply to the number plates?
08-04-2010, 10:15 AM,
RE: How much do I need?
Hi ajmarsh,

Thankyou for your question.

The pot of Veil paint has enough to do around 6 - 10 cars. To give you an idea, I treated 16 number plate covers with a single coat of Veil, and still had half a pot left.
So if you treated a pair of number plate covers, as well as headlights, fog lights etc - you should get around 6 - 10 cars done.

We only recommend a single coat of Veil on number plate covers, and also recommend treating a clear number plate cover rather than painting directly onto the plate itself.

It's also ideal to treat external headlight covers if you can - although it looks fine painting directly onto headlights, provided you prepare the surface properly prior to treatment.

There also have been some discussions on the US forums of spray painting Veil onto lights & plate covers - the finish has been extremely impressive.

Kind Regards,


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