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Camera upgrades - Victoria
07-18-2009, 01:26 PM,
Camera upgrades - Victoria
The Victorian government has decided to update the old wet film red light cameras to red light / speed cameras. The old sites are typically a gray box with a single lens where a removable camera was fitted and a separate pole with a removable flash unit. The cameras and flash units where rotated from site to site.

Many of these sites appear to have had the flash unit updated to a permanent unit. At one site Nepean highway and White Street in Parkdale appears to be being upgraded. Two piezoelectric loops have been installed in the roadway forward of the stop line in each lane. In addition this site now has a new 25 metre high pole with a CCTV camera and four radar heads. I am not sure but I suspect this site is either a test of the technology or not completed as the top of the pole appears to house the interconnection of the radar heads and is weatherproofed via a plastic bag.

There is a box which I suspect is the data processing attached to the pole at face level which appears to rely on a simple key lock which would not offer a great deal of protection. This is in part why I think this is a proof of concept site.

The photographs of the site where limited due to the position of the sun and traffic.
07-18-2009, 01:43 PM,
RE: Camera upgrades - Victoria
Corio's Princes Highway and Sparks Rd intersection and Waurn Pond's Princes Highway and Pioneer Rd intersection will have their red-light cameras upgraded to digital technology allowing for better images and quicker turnover.

Deputy Commissioner for Road Policing Ken Lay said there were no plans for fixed speed cameras on the latest stages of Geelong's ring road.

"No at this stage. We look at what the data says to where we can make a difference," Mr Lay said.

"The new roads are usually quite safe.

"There is no doubt that Geelong gets its fair share of road trauma. This roll out is about the high-risk 53."

He said the latest cameras where aimed at lead-foot motorists in a bid to reduce road crashes and injuries.

"(We put them) where we get a bigger bang for our buck," he said.

"I know speed cameras are not a popular topic with drivers, but the simplest way to avoid a fine is to avoid the crime.

"The revenue generated by the camera program is a voluntary tax, you can choose not to contribute by driving within the speed limits.

"We make no apologies for the additional speed cameras and extra mobile speed camera hours."

Mr Lay acknowledged the Great Ocean Road was problematic with speeding drivers and motorcyclists but said crashes had reduced since the 100km/h speed limit was reduced to 80km/h several years ago.

"The fixed cameras are difficult on those roads," he said.

"We need roads where there is some length of straight stretch to get the technology working properly."

Mr Lay warned motorists not to be complacent just because there was no fixed speed cameras along the Great Ocean Road and other hot spots around Geelong.

He said coastal police would continue with their covert operations along the iconic road while police in Geelong would increase their crackdown on rogue motorists with speed cameras and radars along with booze and drug buses.
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RE: Camera upgrades - Victoria
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03-30-2011, 01:22 PM,
RE: Camera upgrades - Victoria
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