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Step 4: You're done! The best radar detector for your needs is...

The Valentine One Radar Laser Detector

Best Portable Radar Detector for WAOur Price: $799 (including GST)
Best Portable Radar Detector for WA

How can we make this claim with authority?

Because unlike some of our competitors, we do NOT base our recommendations on profit margins, or securing the "exclusive rights" to import one particular brand of detector.

1) Multanova Speed Cameras: The Valentine One gives you more warning on Multanova Speed cameras then any other portable radar detector we've tested since 2006 (proof) especially when they sneakily set the cameras up to take a photo of the rear of your car after you've driven past the camera. In this set up, only the best detectors give you any advanced warning, with many simply "beeping" as you draw level with the camera (which is too late)

The Valentine One gives you more warning than the Escort Redline on Multanovas (proof) and up to three times as much warning as other brands such as Beltronics and Whistler (proof)

2) New Vitronic "Poliscan" laser speed cameras: Even as WA roll out these new laser based speed cameras, the Valentine One will give you the longest warning because the Valentine One is the undisputed champion at detecting laser (proof, more proof and even more proof).
See our video filmed in Perth, WA of the V1 in action detecting a Poliscan speed camera: (watch video)

3) Gives some of the longest detection of Highway patrol cars: WA police cars have a built in radar system also kown as "moving radar" or "dash mounted radar" which can detect your speed at around 800m (for cars or 1100m for trucks). Fortunately the Valentine One can detect them up to a documented 11 miles away (straight flat road) - which means in most encounters you'll detect them long before they detect you.

4) Gives you excellent false alert filtering: Second place only to GPS enhanced radar detectors, the Valentine One can be programmed so as to minimize the amount of false alerts it signals. See our video

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