PLUS - we'll include these accessories FREE when you order online:

1 x Relay
Connects your HID system using this relay to supply power direct from the battery rather than via your car's existing wiring.
Won't overload your car's electrical system if you have thiner gauge wiring.
Eliminates flickering caused by not enough current being supplied.
Minimizes radio interference.

2 x 50cm High Voltage HID globe Extension leads
Enables you to mount your ballasts further away from the headlight in tight or tricky installations.
Mount your ballasts inside the engine bay instead of on the bull bar for spot lights.
Extends the standard 45 cm cable from the ballast to the globe to 100cm.
2 x 50cm Low Voltage HID Ballast Extension leads
As per above, allows you to mount the ballasts further away from the headlight, so you can hide them better, or have enough cable length to mount them exactly where you want.
2 x Xenon filled Park Light Globes
You don't want your bland / yellow park lights ruining your new HID installation. These Xenon filled park light globes will match your new HIDs.
Total Value (Yours FREE):

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