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A summary of the different 12 volt HID kits we offer:


Still not sure which kit is right for you?

Here's a more detailed explanation of each kit we sell.:

Our Standard 35 watt HID kits are suitable for most (pre 2004) cars and come with an 18 month replacement warranty. The digital ballasts in our standard kit are "slimline" size. Normal size ballasts are 89mm x 75mm x 31mm but these slimline sized ballasts are 74mm x 67mm x 15mm in size. Performance wise there is no discernable difference, it's just the slimline sized ballasts may suit installations where space is a premium. Plus they look cooler! The xenon globes in this kit are our standard quality bulbs and will last around 3000 hours. Our standard HID kits are only available in 35 watts.

Our Deluxe HID kits come with high quality "Philips patent license" globes, and use slimline CANBUS compliant digital ballasts. They are only available in 12 volt, but are available in 35 or 50 watts, and have a 3 year warranty. If you have a European car manufactured around 2002 or later (or even the latest model Australian Ford / Holden) then you'll need to confirm with your car service department to check if your car uses Canbus. If it does, then you'll need to buy this kit for your HID system to work succesfully. Some known CANBUS electrical systems are on the following cars:

Audi 2002 onwards
BMW 2002 onwards
BMW 3, 5, 7 Series 1998 onwards
Ford 2008 onwards (most models)
Jaguar 2002 onwards and also ALL S types
Holden 2008 onwards (most models)
Mercedes 2002 onwards
Porsche - Cayanne, Cayman, Boxster Skoda 2005 onwards
Saab 93 2002 onwards
Saab 95 2002 onwards
Seat 2005 onwards
Vauxhall Astra V
Vauxhall Vectra C
VW 2005 onwards (incl Golf Mk5, new Passat, new Polo)
Volvo 2003 onwards

If you have a late model car, but are not sure if it runs canbus or not, then you'd be safe to choose this kit - as you can successfully use our deluxe kits on a NON-canbus car (just not the other way round)

NON Canbus HID kits installed on canbus cars tend to blow the ballasts within a few months or worse still, could damage your car's electrical system. You may also get the "headlight warning" alert from your car's computer if you install a NON canbus HID kit into a canbus vehicle - since the computer is looking for a 55 watt load on the headlights, but is only seeing the 35 watt load from the HID ballasts.

The age old “you get what you pay for” is especially true with HID kits.  We don’t bother selling the cheap and nasty kits you may find on eBay for obvious reasons. There is no point in you taking the time (and/or money?) to have a HID kit installed only for it to fail within a few months. We have been a registered Australian business since 2002 and we intend to stick around for the long term.

If you read through many car forums you will hear how many of these cheap eBay kits fail in less than 12 months leaving their owner with no option but to replace the lighting system with a better quality set.  Don't waste your money on buying a cheap and nasty HID kit the first time round - only having to replace it a few months down the track. Worse still you could be risking $1000's of dollars damage to your car's electrical system.

Our deluxe kits have a 3 year full local replacement warranty which means if there is ever a problem, we simply replace the defective part with stock here in Australia for you (there is no waiting for repairs). Buy with confidence, that in the unlikely event there is a problem we will be still be around to service your needs.

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