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The kelvin HID colour temperature chart...

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The Kelvin Colour Temperature Chart above depicts the hues / colours that can be projected by your HID system. It provides measurements in Degrees Kelvin (K) and

illustrates the different colours emitted at different levels of colour temperatures. Note: Actual colours of the light produced by a particular brand of HID may not be an exact match to those found in this chart. This chart serves only as a colour guide.

Colour temperature ('K') vs brightness...
It is a common misconception that higher colour temperatures (K’s) produce brighter lights. This is not true. The colour temperature only determines the colour but not the brightness of the HID light. The Colour Temperature is simply a scale represented by the Kelvin Temperature Chart (hence the abbreviation “K” or “K’s”) as decpited above that measures the colour of the light output. Typically, the higher the colour temperature, the closer you get to achieving bluish to purplish light colours.

HID colors...
hid colours

Actual Photos:

Whilst we can supply all colour temperatures ranging from 3000k up to 12,000k, we strongly recommend choosing a colour temperature from 4300k to 6000k since the light emitted at this 'K' is the closest you get to achieving daylight colour (and higher than 6000k may be illegal in your area).

Colour Temp (K) Colour Description:
3000k Yellow light (suitable for fog lights)
4300k White light with tinges of yellow.
6000K: White light with tinges of blue
8000K: Distinct blue color light
10000K: Bluish-green light
12000K: Bluish-purplish light.

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