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Standard 35 Watt
H1 HID Kit

Price: $92.95
Dramatically improve your night time vision - up to 3 times the brightness of normal headlights
Globes last around 3000 hours - up to 10 times as long as normal halogen bulbs.
Uses around 35% less power than standard 55 watt halogen globes.
List Price: $92.95
Online Price: $89.85

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What's Included With Your HID Kit

2x "Supervision" H.I.D. Xenon
These bulbs use "UV cut" glass, which means they won't discolour your poly carbonate headlights like other, cheaper globes do (which makes your headlight covers go yellow or "smoked" from the UV).
Standard 35w Ballasts
2x Digital Slimline 35 watt Ballasts
Digital ballasts means your lights fire up to full brightness much quicker than cheaper analogue ballasts which can take up to 30 seconds before reaching optimal brightness.
Installation Guide
Installation Guide
Step by step guide detailing the installation process.

PLUS - Order online (24/7) and we will throw in:

Free Express Delivery
Free Express Delivery
Most orders placed online before 6pm Sydney / Melborne time (4pm Perth time) are dispatched that evening for overnight delivery. To see if you're in the overnight network check your postcode.
LED Park Globes
2 x Super White L.E.D. Park Light Bulbs
You don't want your bland / yellow park lights ruining your new look HID installation. These L.E.D. park light globes will match the white colour of your new H.I.D. and will last around 30,000 hours - a $19.95 value

Buy with peace of mind from Delonix

18 Month Warranty
18 Month Warranty
We will replace any faulty component within the first 18 months.
90 Day 'Change Your Mind' Guarantee
90 Day 'Change Your Mind' Guarantee
We are that confident you will be very happy with your purchase, that we offer a 90-day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it to us within 90 days in an 'as new' condition with all the original packaging for a refund.
Local Australian Owned Business
Delonix are a GST Registered Australian Business (since 2002) and have been trading online since 2004. Giving you peace of mind that we'll be there for after sales support.

Now you can enjoy the same luxury as expensive cars with Xenon lighting systems at a fraction of the cost

All our HID kits (including this "standard" package) utilize digital, AC slimline ballasts. It is important to understand the different between DC (Direct Current) and AC (Alternating Current) when it comes to H.I.D. ballasts. The purpose of the ballast is to take the 12(ish) volts DC from your battery, and step it up to 23,000 volts to initially "fire" the bulb. Once the bulb is going, the voltage is regulated around 80volts, but here is the difference...

DC ballast internals...DC ballasts output the current like your car battery - in one direction only. They are cheaper to manufacturer (than AC ballasts) and they don't last as long (usually they die in less than a year, and you're unlikely to find a genuine manufactur's warranty for 12 months or more. We have seen some manufacturers in China only offering 30 days warranty on their cheap crap!! Don't forget eBay sellers only need the product to work for 2 months, after which time you cannot leave (or change) the feedback score you leave them.

Using a DC ballast will shorten the lifespan of your bulb, and will also cause the "flickering" you read some people complaining about. The flickering may be OK to put up with if you're on a bike that already has vibration, but it will drive you nuts on a car.

For the reason we don't sell, nor recommend using DC ballast HID kits. If you go to all that trouble of pulling your car apart to install them (or paying someone to do so) why do you want to have to pull it apart again a few months down the track?

CN ligh ballast AC ballasts, like the 240 volts in your home, alternate the current through the HID bulb in both directions. That is why HID bulbs do not have a "positive" and "negetive" plug. AC ballasts are more expensive to manufacture, last longer and are the type used in factory (OEM) installed HID headlights.

This kit, like all our HID kits, use AC ballasts.

The globes are available in colours ranging from 3000k to 12,000k (although we only recommend 4300k to 6000k, since over 6000k (blue lights) are illegal to use on-road).

hid colours

UV-CUT Bulbs (original Philips quartz glass) - which means they won't discolour your poly carbonate headlights like other, cheaper globes do (which makes your headlight covers go yellow or "smoked" from the UV). Also safer for the human eyes being UV filtered.

Electrode & Molybdenum from Sweden - which means high quality components result in a defective rate less than 0.5%

Technical Specifications

HID Ballast
Ballast Type
Slimline, digital, AC ballast - meaning your Xenon will fire up to full brightness quicker than cheaper analogue ballasts which can take up to 30 seconds to reach optimal brightness.
hid colours
Input Voltage Range
9V - 16V
Maximum Starting Voltage
Normal Operating Voltage
Input Current
Output Power
35W +/- 1
Operating Temperature
-40 ~ 85°C
> 50°C After 2 Hours
Dimensions Main Unit
74mm x 67mm x 15mm
Dimensions External Starter
HID Globe
Bulb Type
UV-CUT Bulbs (original Philips quartz glass)
hid colours
High Luminous Flux
3200 - 3400 Lumens (4300K)
Bulb Lifespan
3000 Hours Average
Power Consumption
35W +/- 1
> 83%
Constant Switch Times
> 100,000
Lamp Voltage
85V +/- 13V
Colour Temperature Deviation
4300K +/- 250K or 6000K +/- 300K

Compare Similar Products

Globe Type
Ballast Type
Comparative Brightness
Average Bulb Lifespan
Colours Available
12 volts
12 or 24 volts
NON-CANBUS Compatible
Standard 35W
Good Quality
12 Months
Up to 3X Brighter
than Halogen
3000 Hours
3000k - 12,000k
Deluxe 35W
High Quality CANBUS
36 Months
Up to 3X Brighter
than Halogen
3000 Hours
3000k - 12,000k
Deluxe 50W
High Quality CANBUS
36 Months
Up to 5X Brighter
than Halogen
2000 Hours
3000k - 12,000k
Deluxe 55W
High Quality Digital
36 Months
Up to 5X Brighter
than Halogen
2000 Hours
3000k - 12,000k
Extreme 75W
Ultra High Output
Ultra High Output
12 months
Up to 7x Brighter
than 55w Halogen
2000+ Hours
6000k only
- Spotlight conversions
- Blinding kangaroos
- Signalling to the moon


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HID Installation

HID lights are not too difficult to install yourself, if you have the time and a little technical know-how.

Please watch the video below for a detailed explanation on how to install your new HID conversion kit.

Alternatively, you can download our HID Installation Manual Here


Alternatively, if you want your HID lights professionally installed by a licensed auto electrician,
please contact one of our recommended installers for a quote.

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Our No Risk 90-Day "Change Your Mind" Guarantee:

We are that confident you will be very happy with your purchase, that we offer a 90-day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it to us within 90 days in an "as new" condition with all the original packaging for a refund.

We want you to be happy with the products you buy and the service you receive. So when you receive your order, inspect it carefully so that it completely meets your satisfaction. If for any reason it does not, please let us know and you may return it or exchange it via our returns and exchange policy. If you are not satisfied with the service you receive from us, contact us and we will try to remedy the situation. Please note goods must be returned in an "As New" condition including the original packaging in order to receive a full refund, and our 90 day return policy does not apply for any products that have been damaged. Again, for full terms and conditions, please visit our policies page.


What about after sales service? Will you be still around to warrant your product?

Delonix Australia started back in 2002, and have been trading online since 2004. Giving you peace of mind that we'll be around for after sales and warranty support. We offer repairs and maintenance, as well as servicing for all the products we sell.

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Product Guarantee:

In the unlikely event there is a fault with our product within the first 30 days, we will ship you out a replacement part at our own expense.

If there is ever a fault with the product after 30 days, within the warranty period, from everyday normal use, send the faulty part back, and Delonix will replace it free of charge (postage not included)

For more information on that policy, please click here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

If you have a general question about our policies, returns, etc - please check our FAQ Page.

Otherwise, for questions specifically about our HID kits, please see below:

Where will my order be shipped from?

All our HID kits are shipped from within Australia (we do not "drop-ship" from overseas). Most of the time we dispatch orders on the same day we receive them (if you order before 5pm Sydney time, Monday to Friday)

All our HID kits include express postage any where in Australia for free. This means you should receive your order within 1-3 business days. Remote / country areas may take longer depending on the postal situation. Once dispatched, Jenny will email you an Australia Post online tracking number, so you can track your order.

Do you have a shop that I can come and pick up my order?

If you'd like to buy from a physical store, please visit one of our stockists. We suggest phoning ahead to make sure they have the item you are looking for in stock.

Alternatively, you can buy direct from us by ordering online 24x7, or telephoning us during office hours on (02) 8014 8432 - after which, we will dispatch your order direct from our warehouse (orders placed before 5pm Sydney time are usually shipped the same day)

We accept payment using Visa, MasterCard, Direct Deposit, Cheque, Money Order or Paypal.

I've been given a quote for replacement HID globes from my car dealer and they were over $300 - why are your's so cheap?

I would answer that question with "Why are the dealer's so expensive?"

It is common knowledge that car delaers place huge mark-ups on aftermarket goods and spare parts. Here in Perth I knew of a certain dealer charging $3000 (including installation) for a product that RETAILED for $800.

Since we do not have the overheads & expenses of a "traditional retail shop" we do not need to apply the same outrageous mark-ups to our products like the car dealers do!

Just wondering about the heat generated with 35watt, 55watt and 75watt HID

A 35watt HID puts out less heat than a 55watt halogen bulb (and a lot less than a 100watt halogen bulb)

A 55watt HID puts out a little more heat than a 55watt halogen bulb. If your headlights / spotlights are ony rated to 55watt (or it is suggested NOT to use higher than 55watt) then it is best to stick with 35watt only. That being said, we have had literally hundreds of customers install a 55watt HID kit with no heat problems.

In my own car, I replaced the stock headlight assembly with aftermarket (plastic) headlights that had built in angel eyes. On these aftermarket lights, it actually said do not use HID. When I quizzed the seller, he told me that they were fine to use HID. So I installed 35watt in the low beam, and 55watt in the high beam, and two years later, these plastic aftermarket headlights have had no heat damage. The reflector and the polycarb lens are as clear as the day I bought them.

Since when we started selling HID products in 2006, I have only had two cases where a customer had issues with heat. Both these cases, the customer was using 55watt HIDs. So the bottom line is if you are worried about heat, stick to 35watt HID. But even with 55watt HID you have a 99% chance it will be fine.

As for 75watt and 100watt HID systems, this is a different story. You should only use these HIDs to replace a 100watt or 130watt halogen bulb. The amount of heat generated by these high power HID will melt plastic lights. The best spotlight for these high power HIDs is a Hella Rally 4000 - which is made of metal with a glass lens. You risk melting anything made from plastic.

Do you sell the 100watt HID kits?

Here is a little known truth for you....

Be very careful if you're looking at buying a "100 watt" HID kit!

Firstly, most of the so called "100 watt" kits actually use re-badged 75watt ballasts.

Secondly, ALL the "100 watt HID kits" are only using a 75watt bulb. There is no manufacturer (at the time of this writing) that produces a genuine 100watt HID bulb. This is not a huge deal, because a 75watt bulb can be used with a (true) 100watt ballast. It just won't last as long if it was driven with a 75watt ballast.

Because most of the "100 watt" kits out there (especially on eBay) are using 75-85 watt ballast (with a 100watt sticker) the globes in these kits are fine. The globes are 75watt and the ballasts are close to 75watts, so the kits will last your usual 3000 hours.

But if you manage to get a TRUE 100watt ballast, your 75 watt bulbs will burn out faster.

How do I know this? Because the last time I was in China (October 2012) visiting HID manufacturers, one of the things I was specifically looking for was a manufacturer of (true) 100watt HID bulbs. My research found none existed. There are only 75watt bulbs.

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