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Highway Patrol police have issued two men with heavy fines after they were caught with radar detectors in their vehicles. The devices were found when officers stopped a Singleton man on the Putty Road and a man from Manilla, near Tamworth, on the New England Highway at Muswellbrook. The Singleton man is alleged to have [...]

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Beltronics Radar Detectors

Bel Radar Detectors… Bel (short for Beltronics) have been making radar detectors for many years and are considered in the industry to make some of the best radar and laser detectors out there.  The top three units would be the RX65, the RX 75 (which is a remote, hidden system) and the new undetectable STi [...]

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Escort Radar Detectors

Escort Radar Detectors… Escort (Escort Passport) are also owned by Beltronics and represent the top end of the market for the company.  Whilst Beltronics releases products aimed for the mid to high-end of the market, Escort products are only high end.  As new technologies are introduced, it is Bel that implements them first, then as [...]

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